Ecological houses

While construction an ecological house we rent the area from nature

The idea presented in the articles title perfectly illustrates the idea of the construction of ecological houses. This concept assumes that while building a house we ‘rent’ everything from nature: from the site for construction, through the building materials to the energy for its operation.

Design of Eco house

When building an Eco house you should primarily pay attention to the use of recycled materials and those that are biodegradable. During the construction of this type of house is also important the use of renewable energy sources, both in the same building and later in the functioning of the house.

Home: ecological, energy efficient and passive

To create a recycled house you have to build a house that will be exist in harmony with nature. It should use renewable energy sources and also be energy efficient and passive. But that is not everything and such buildings not always might be called as synonyms of Eco house. Often to the construction and elevation of such houses is used clay.