Modular buildings

Lego bricks on a large scale- modular houses

Modular houses might reminded Lego blocks or puzzles. That is all because they are the ‘building blocks’- modules having shape of cubes in few standard sizes. They are produced in factories already in nearly finished form, including some pieces of equipment. Production of such a house takes about 3 months and the assembly at the designated place is a matter of approx. 3 days. The advantage of modular houses is that you can freely combine components so that the final arrangement of your house depends largely on your needs and preferences.

Finishing of modular house

Modular houses are available in three forms, some of them are sold in the form of unfinished but closed building. Another option is house made of modules that are finished partly. The third option is a house completely finished, also with interior design of all rooms. The last option is of course the most expensive but thanks to that you can receive a house with furniture and everything what is need to live comfortable.

The house, which can be placed almost everywhere

The big advantage of these houses is that they can be built on very kind of surfaces- on sand, on the slope or even on wetlands. Due to the small demands on the ground this type of building is also often used as holiday house.