Passive houses

Savings which might be expensive

Passive houses are usually called energy- saving houses because during the construction they have to meet the standards that allow you to save the maximum amount of energy. Unfortunately, the construction of such a house is more expensive than a traditional house but it is also an investment in future savings.

Saving energy

The main goal of this type of house is energy savings whether heat or electricity. This is achieved, among other things, thanks to projects with large windows that make the long daylight arrives to house. Another element is the installation of high quality insulation, which prevents heat from escaping from your house on cold days. The solution used in passive houses is also recuperation. Also important are tight windows and doors. With this type of house you can be confident that the building will have a lot less demand for heating energy.

Authorities and passive houses

Due to the positive impact on the environment and reducing energy consumption, the construction of these houses may be funding from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.