Prefabricated houses

The house, which you can have in a few moments

Prefabricated houses are buildings that in many cases are produced in the factory. From conveyor belt came the whole of the walls, fragments of the ceiling but also smaller elements such as wall panels and elements of permanent shuttering.

The main advantages of this type of houses are:

– fast installation

– much less regard for weather conditions during construction

– there is no need to hire a construction supervisor

– any defects are repaired under warranty of house

– all components are subjected of technical inspection

However, prefabricated houses also have disadvantages such as:

– It requires good and broad access road to the plot, because many pieces of the house have considerable dimensions and therefore to their transport and installation are used big cars.

– It is necessary to trust to hire building company, because it is impossible to check if they do everything properly.

– The cost is higher than in case of the traditional method of construction.

– The price of the house are not included building the foundations because in Poland only few companies producing them.