Smart houses

House that will take care of you

Smart houses are buildings with systems of sensors and detectors, which are combined into a single management system that allows house monitoring and adapting the interior to the needs of people living there. For systems connected to a central management system of smart building are:

– Fire and smoke exhaust systems

– ICT systems

– UPS power systems

– Systems react to weather

– Monitoring systems and alarms

– Management systems for audio and video at house

– Simulators of presence of people in the house

– Management systems of ventilation and air conditioning

– Heating control

– lighting control- internal and external depending on the people present in the room.

The big advantage of this type of construction is the possibility of personalization of the system to the needs of people living there. So the apartment is always an agreeable and corresponding to the needs of our atmosphere. As a result, you do not have to remember to turn off the light and in the winter you might enter the heating.