Timber frame house

Technology of building a timber frame house

Timber frame house are especially popular in Canada, the United States of America and Scandinavia. Also in Poland more and more often are built this kind of houses. Below we present the technology of construction of these houses.

1. There are poured concrete foundations.

2. On the foundation is made of wood, skeletal structure of the building.

3. The external walls are constructed of wooden pack, which often are upholstered chipboard.

4. Boards serve as a base for various facades.

5. Installation of walls.

6. Filling the walls with insulation material.

7. Finishing the interior walls. To this task is used primarily gypsum- cardboard. It is not a rule but rather common practice.

8. Rafter is the most common form of purling or truss.

Houses of this type are relatively quickly to build. Many part of its components may be prepared in advance and only link to each other at the construction site.